The Benefits of DPC

We Offer Our Time

Time to listen, time to ask questions and explain, time to think about problems, time to return phone calls promptly, time to relay test results personally, and time to be there for you and your family when needed. How can we do this? In today’s insurance-driven medical environment, it seems like personalized medicine is available to only a few very “important” people-celebrities, the ultra-wealthy, and politicians. However, by limiting our practice to typically one- fourth the size of most medical offices, we are able to provide thoughtful, caring medical attention in a comfortable, private, and unhurried setting. You will have time and direct access (hence the term Direct Primary Care) to me as I serve as your personal physician.

The Financial Value

We accept all patients (insured, Medicare, uninsured, etc).  We just don’t bill these third parties.   But just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you still don’t pay twice.  Each copay and office visit adds up.  With four visits a year you have paid the same amount as a year of our membership!  In fact, the secret that you NEVER hear about health insurance is that “employees will pay an average of $2,487 in out-of-pocket costs, such as co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles”.  So, you may SAVE money if you have insurance and join our practice!

Direct Primary Care

In a traditional primary care practice, doctors are paid based on how many people they see.

In direct primary care, instead of paying for each visit or procedure, you pay a monthly fee.

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Lindsey Faucette, DO, FAAFP

In addition to her background in osteopathic family medicine Lindsey draws on years of training as a massage therapist and comprehensive training in physical and manual medicine as an osteopath to address a wide range of concerns

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