Top Ten Reasons You Need to have SLO Health Membership for Your Employees

Why are employers just like you switching to Direct Primary Care? Here you have it. The Top 10 Reasons why you need SLO Health for your Employees

1. It’s a way to offer them an affordable healthcare great perk, which not only helps in retention but also attracts talent.

2. Your employees will love the atmosphere and personal attention at SLO Health Center.

3. Your employees can now text or email their doctor rather than taking time off from work for an appointment.

4. Your employees can get in to be seen for a visit much easier without a long wait so there is less lost time at work.

5. It’s a great example that your company is promoting a health-oriented culture and a commitment to their employees.

A healthy employee is a more productive employee and this saves you money.

6. It only will cost you $79 a month for each worker (if you enroll 10 or more employees).

7. Our 30-60 minute visits are much more comprehensive, which improves healthcare and therefore your employee’s productivity.

8. Our labs are 90% cheaper than other offices and your employees receive no other surprise bills at a later date (like a copay or office visit fee) as we do NOT bill their insurance.

9. All employees are seen by a board certified physician with 20 years of experience in the medical field.

10. You can save thousands if your employee pairs a SLO Health  membership with a high deductible, catastrophic insurance plan.

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